Withdrawal rules

The customer abandon these rights so that sourceWAY.de can begin performing the services before the deadline has expired.


If a software product has not yet been downloaded after purchase - this can be verified by sourceWAY.de in the logs -, a return against reimbursement stating valid reasons can be carried out. This is at the judgement of sourceWAY.de.

Return of services
If you ordered a service with us, you can cancel this is. If you made a first installment, this is not refunded. We will charge you for the working time up to now with a hourly rate of 80,- € net. If this amount is higher than the first installment, you have to pay the outstanding amount.

A cancellation of a service is not mandatory for sourceWAY.de. It is at our judgement to cancel a service, especially if a package price was agreed.

Request of cancellation
For requesting a cancellation, please write to the email address you can find in the imprint.

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