The sale was discontinued on the 29th October 2018.

Development for WHMCS discontinued

Dear customers,

we decided to discontinue development for WHMCS. Of course your access to the WHMCS extensions you have bought remain unchanged even in the future.

We have ventured to discontinue the WHMCS development because we have released sourceDESK, a competitive product of WHMCS, in 2018. This is why we also will not do any further custom WHMCS work.

Since we have created many useful and valuable modules during our three-year partnership with WHMCS as one of the largest WHMCS developer, we decided to offer access to the Git repositories of the modules for a token fee. On 29th October 2018, we discontinued selling the Git access. Of course, your Git access remains available.

Git access to our modules

The git access includes the following extensions which were in sales until 27th May 2018 and had a total price of 2,692 €:

  • Overdue notices
    Extend WHMCS by as many dunning levels as you want, invoice fees legally compliant (without changing the original invoice), calculate interests for late payments automatically and get an overview about due invoices.
  • Contract time
    WHMCS gets elementary functions: contract times and cancellation notice periods
  • Cashbox
    Customers can get deposits on their credit by third persons - using the normal payment gateways
  • Payment fees
    Invoice fees (percentual or absolute) for payment gateways
  • Bank import
    Process bank statements (CSV format) and transactions automatically - full automated via cronjob at some banks
  • Invoices by letter
    Customers can choose to get their invoice automatically by mail for a definable fee
  • Profile changes
    You have lost the overview over dozens of emails stating that a customer changed his profile data? This module saves the data in the databases and provides a chronological overview of profile changes in the customer detail view!
  • DNS management
    DNS records of customer domains can be changed directly from the admin area with this module
  • DynDNS
    Offer your customers a full automated DynDNS solution with dual-stack-support
  • Backups
    Multiple backup jobs, different data sources, different backup places and AES encryption
  • DNS changes
    Modifications of DNS zones by a customer a documentated with a timestamp and observable in the admin area
  • Advent calender
    Exclusive Flash advent calender leds to daily recurring visitors in December
  • Expenses
    Recurring expenses are now part of the balance in WHMCS
  • Deposit bonus
    Start bonus promotions limited in time during customers get a bonus if they deposit credit
  • Fail2Ban
    Protect your customer accounts against bruteforce attacks by hackers
  • Group deactivation
    Deactivate all products of a product group with one click
  • Group products
    Restrict ordering products to only some customer groups
  • Credit history
    Get an overview about all credit transactions of your customers
  • Credit warning
    Your customers can get a warning if their balance falls below a definable threshold
  • Account verification
    Verify addresses of new customers fully automated by mail
  • Customer API
    Offer your customers/resellers an programmable interface for accessing products and ordering
  • Customer group provisioning
    Automatically assign customers to a customer group if they order a definable product or reach a balance threshold
  • Usermap
    See on a map where your customers are located
  • Login notifications
    Protect your system by letting admins and customers know about successful logins
  • Email ads
    Send ads with your email with time control functions
  • PayPal sync
    Find lost PayPal payments (missing IPN call) and credit them automatically - before the customer opens a support ticket
  • Premium support
    Customers can prioritize a support ticket against a payment of a fee
  • Product change fee
    Customers have to pay a fee if they change their product (Upgrade/Downgrade), the fee is definable per product group
  • Invoice preview
    See, filter and sum up future invoice positions
  • Rollbar
    Save PHP errors with debug information and get realtime notifications if something goes wrong
  • Cash discount
    Reward customers if they pay in time
  • Telephone PIN
    Secure authentication of customers for support channels like telephone, Facebook or live chat
  • CPS Import
    Import pricing of CPS-Datensysteme from ORPS GUI or DMC-3
  • vCard
    Export customer data for your contact list
  • Cookie warning
    Legal security in the EU with a cookie hint for WHMCS
Provisioning modules
  • Froxlor (Webspace panel)
  • mcLayout homepage builder (Customers)
  • mcLayout homepage builder (Resellers)
  • KeyHelp (Webspace panel)
  • Keyadministrator (Software licenses by Cyberwebhosting)
  • LiveConfig (Webspace panel)
  • LiveConfig licenses (for LiveConfig partners)
  • LiveConfig Email (Suitable for selling email address, e.g. hosted exchange or freemail service)
  • ownCloud (Private Cloud)
  • TSDNS (TeamSpeak DNS can be used by your clients)
Payment gateways
  • SEPA direct debit
    Multiple mandates for each customer, automatic payments, different verification options, automated prenotifications, automated collection and support of Stripe/SEPA-XML - what more do you want?
  • Barzahlen
    Offer your customers to pay offline at a supermarket checkout
  • Bezahlcode
    QR code to easily pay invoices with a scan
  • Bitcoin
    Use the blockchain for your benefit
  • Giropay (Stripe)
    A reliable payment method of german banks (via Stripe)
    One of the most known german online payment methods
  • SOFORT (Stripe)
    Use SOFORT without being a partner, just with your Stripe account
  • Stripe
    Accept credit cards via Stripe for low fees
  • paysafecard
    Allow your customers to pay at petrol stations or local businesses
  • Credit
    Allows a more stringent payment flow and the usage of payment fee modules when paying with credit
  • PayPal Plus
    All-in-one solution by PayPal for payment with direct debit/credit card by non-PayPal-customers
  • Paydirekt
    PayPal competitor of german banks
  • SEPA transfer
    Better module to display account data with definable purpose and text
Domain registrars with all important features
  • Antagus
  • Domain-Offensive
Debt collection automated
  • EuroTreuhand
  • Mediafinanz
  • eCollect
German translations in high quality
  • Admin area (formal and informal)
  • Customer area (formal and informal)
  • Reports (admin area)
  • Email templates (formal)
Have we whetted your appetite? Then waste no more time and receive all modules with the Git access!

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