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We help you with configuring and using sourceDESK

Installation 39,99 €

We install sourceDESK on your webspace, therefore you need a sourceDESK license. As soon as the installation is finished, you will get your credentials which allow you to login to the administration. Please note the system requirements.

Onetime 39,99 €

Configuration 89,99 €

We configure some fundamental system settings for you, which allows you to start with sourceDESK:

Initial system configuration
Up to 3 products with server connection
Domain registration & pricing
Up to 3 payment gateways
Cronjob configuration
Countries, currencies & taxes
Up to 3 support departments with POP3 import
Configure letter delivery
Onetime 89,99 €

Design integration Starting from 69,99 €

We integrate sourceDESK into your existing HTML design, which allows you to to use sourceDESK as CMS system and run your entirely website via sourceDESK. Alternatively, you can use sourceDESK only as client area in your custom design. Please tell us for a non-binding offer which variant you choose and send us a link to your design.

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PDF customization Starting from 19,99 €

sourceDESK generates PDF files e.g. for invoices, letter, quotes and receipts. We can customize the PDF layout according to your wishes. This can mean a customization of the logo, the company data and the color scheme, but also the complete creation or integration of your own PDF design.

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Server setup Starting from 29,99 €

We setup a server including a product in your sourceDESK installation. You need an integration for the used server software. We can install the server for you if you want to, this depends on the wished software.

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Integrations & Addons Starting from 199,99 €

We develop a new integration for you or extend the functionality of sourceDESK with an addon. There are nearly no limits. The development is exclusively done for you.

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Trainings Starting from 169,99 €

We offer trainings for you and your employees explaining the usage of sourceDESK, addressing the topics you want to hear something about. No matter if you want an one-hour video-call training or a multi-day meeting at your location - talk to us. We also can offer trainings at our site in Herzogenrath, Germany.

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Update 39,99 €

We update your sourceDESK installation to the current version, so you can use the recent features and benefit from the evolution of the system.
We assume no liability for compatibility with third-party modules. Please ask the creator.

Onetime 39,99 €

Moving sourceDESK 79,99 €

We move your sourceDESK installation to a new webspace/server. We will consider all necessary steps for a successful relocation. Please note that the system requirements must be fulfilled on the new server.

Onetime 79,99 €

Migration Ab 119,99 €

We migrate data from your old system to sourceDESK manually or automated, if no importer exists or the existing importer is not able to import the desired data. The import of all data, which can be recorded by sourceDESK, is possible. Custom client fields can be used.

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Premium support

If you need help quickly if your system fails, we recommend our premium support services. We can offer you some high-grade support products:

Preferred email support for important tickets
Guaranteed response time of only a few minutes
Telephone support during our telephone hours
Emergency number around the clock
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You have questions about our products or need an individual offer? Just contact our excellent support. We are here to help you 24/7.

All offers on this page are for professionals only. All prices are exclusive the statutory sales tax.