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Perfect on every device

You can use sourceDESK on every device - at home on your PC or on the way with smartphone, tablet or notebook. Client area and admin area fits to the used screen resolution perfectly. sourceDESK and all data is hosted in the internet, therefore you can access it from every place with internet access.

Integrated CMS system

sourceDESK allows you to create and manage your whole website. The integrated CMS system allows to create as many pages as you want, using a separate CMS system is not necessary. You can even manage the menu structure from the administration. Furthermore, you can start a blog which allows you to publish news. Readers of your blog can use the RSS feed to subscribe to your blog.

Fully customizable

You can create your own designs for sourceDESK and customize the whole system to your needs. The integrated template system allows you to integrate logic simply. All template and theme files coming with sourceDESK are not encoded, allowing any customization you want.


sourceDESK is designed for the german and european market, but also usable worldwide. The system is compliant with laws, including the button solution for checkout and double opt-in for newsletter subscriptions. You can activate a cookie warning message with one click.

Security is important

The security of your data has the highest priority. Therefore, sourceDESK is subject to an security audit regularly. Sensible data is saved encrypted in the database. Passwords are not reaching the server as plain text, they are client-side hashed where applicable. Brute-force attacks are recognized and mitigated. Two-factor authentication is available for every account without any additional charge.

Multiple companies

Single-Auth allows administrators, who administrate more than one sourceDESK installation, to switch between them with only one click and without another login. The session data is transmitted securely.

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