Der Geschäftsbetrieb ist aufgrund Unfalls des Geschäftsführers bis auf Weiteres eingestellt.
V1.2.3 (Planned development: 2020-09-14 - 2020-10-19)
  • Different invoice address for single invoices
  • Different invoice address: Add options for different name/company
  • Optimize sitemap for SEO (hide pages which requires login)
  • CMS: Field for header html (for example meta data)
  • List for all invoices (not only unpaid)
  • SEO: Count characters at relevant input fields (admin)
  • Set teaser text for blog entries manually (optional)
  • SEO: Keywords and meta for blog entries
  • Change current version number immediately after automatic update
  • DMARC automation
  • Create billings from products
  • Domain contract times/notification periods
  • Extend support escalation rules
  • Initiate domain actions from admin
  • Delete unused DNS zones
  • Hetzner DNS API
  • Monthly invoicing for chosen clients
  • AutoDNS redirect
  • Orders via reseller system
  • JTL problems

V1.2.4 (Planned development: 2020-10-26 - 2020-11-30)
  • Image for blog entries
  • DomainGate as Domain-Robot (self-hosted)
  • Required fields per product
  • Choose between variants when creating contract from admin
  • Sell DNS products
  • Domain pricing shown as monthly
  • Enhance reseller system

V1.2.5 (Planned development: 2020-12-01 - 2020-12-29)
  • Docker container
  • Make financial accounting better and complete

V1.3.0 (Planned development: 2021-01-11 - 2021-02-24)
  • Database normal form
  • Admin area to template system
Version 1.2.2
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Published (since 2020-09-08, 16:43)
Published (since 2020-09-08, 16:43)
Updated (since 2020-09-08, 16:25)

Ticket upgrades
Client field "How did you find us?"
Reminders for negative account saldo
Chargebacks (with email notifications and fee; manually)
Mass sync for domains (reduces requests to provider)
Support for database prefix removed (Installation is converted automatically)

Different invoice address
Client details in support tickets extended
Vouchers are now shown on invoices
Date and history of terms can be deactivated
Field for positions on quote extended
Better filters for newsletter (e.g. server)
Domain purchase prices can be imported via CSV
Products can now be applied to quotes/invoices/recurring billing with description
Deactivated AuthCodes in general can be activated per customer
Admin notification for orders extended by variables
Some tables in admin area now save their last sorting
Due date of invoices (in days) can be overwritten per customer
Database prefix removed for new installations
Contract details can now be viewed directly from client profile
Invoices for cancelled contracts now only invoices partial periods
Domain log limited to max. 2,500 entries
Renewal of free SSL certificates before expiration
Invoice number at SEPA direct debit for new orders

Problems with sending invoices to another email address fixed
Booking date is now correctly imported from MT940 files
Problems with JTL ("same data") fixed
Adding invoice positions later fixed
Individual domain prices can be set again correctly

Test run
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Published (since 2020-06-28, 18:29)
Published (since 2020-06-28, 18:32)
Updated (since 2020-06-28, 18:04)

Product pages for domain TLDs
Plesk: Synchronisation of customer data
Plesk: Creation of reseller abonnements
Tax rate configuration with one click (EU)
Temporary VAT discount in Germany

Authcode generation by clients can be deactivated globally
Search feature for wishlist
Order details in order confirmation mail
Additional ordered domains are now assigned as addon domains
Displaying error messages improved
Back button in DNS zone
Search feature for ticket system
Admin notification for cancellations
Enhancement of status messages in monitoring
Displaying inclusive domains in client profile improved
Enhancement of sender configuration of PDF files
Reseller area: Module actions can now be invoked
Settlements can now be created directly from products
Invoice number at SEPA direct debits (if applicable)

Problem with amounts in Girocode solved
Problem with editing DNS records solved
Displaying SEPA mandates of deleted customers fixed

Test run
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Published (since 2020-04-13, 16:53)
Published (since 2020-04-13, 16:53)
Updated (since 2020-04-13, 16:53)

Imputed taxation for tax reports
Support of domains without DNS provider
Support of more than one letter provider
netcup modules
Order for products
Email registrar for domains
KeyHelp: Implementation of official API
Internal due date for domains

GDPR contracts can now be deleted from client profile
Header/footer can be hidden when using WordPress plugin
Status page can be restricted to servers with critical health
SolusVM: One account per client
Global email variables for client data
Default daily limit for SDD now customizable
Improvement of displaying numbers in dashboard on mobile devices
DNS zones can now be created from administration with DNS templates
Compatibility of SDD export format improved
Reminder tickets are now shown first all time
Frontend links for products and categories are now displayed
After ticket actions (new status, new priority and next action)
Source of transactions (system or staff member)
Showing pricing when creating contracts from administration
Create more than one contract from administration at same time
Write permissions added to system requirements
Sending quotes repaired
Error message for license problems improved
LiveConfig: Custom URL for phpMyAdmin/Webmail
Price for inclusive domains in client area set to 0
Page with existent/non-existent DNS zones removed
PowerDNS: Administrators can now edit NS records
SEPA direct debit: Displaying due date in overview
Deleting products with contracts is now prevented
Sum of open invoices
Reminders via email with invoice attached
Notes for contracts (public and internal)
Upload page removed
Replaced 'Domain KK' by 'Domain transfer'
Notifications for ordering inclusive domains
Contract details in client area
Domain invoices from administration extended by reg duration
Improved error handling in domain cronjobs
ownCloud: Umlaut handling improved
Correct assignment of inclusive domains
List of addon domains in client area
Obsolete printer email address removed
Hint when editing existent invoices must now be confirmed
Displaying long DNS records improved
Variable for client number in support signatures
eCollect integration removed
Format of payment amount at Stripe changed
Variant pricing for WordPress bridge
Hints for '' removed
Displaying count of support filters
Link to documentation
Date can be specified when importing payments
Client name in widget 'Last activities'
DBS: Cancellations are now revoked
Virtualizor: URL and credentials in welcome email
Marketplace: Manual download and error handling
Ordering additional domains for active contracts
SEPA XML format changed
SEPA direct debits via Stripe removed (discontinued)
Domain query in client area can now be changed
Improved creation of multi-line invoice positions

System status unified (wkhtmltoimage check)
Editing invoices eventually changes linebreaks
Long DNS records are now displayed correctly
Problems with automatic SDD payment solved
Different sums of unpaid invoices in administration corrected
Header image is now shown better in emails in Outlook 2019
Problems with attachments in support system solved
Language problems with sevDesk module solved
Database optimization accelerated
New license key is now accepted after error
Salutation in cart repaired
Problems with automatic payment resolved
orgaMAX: No transfer of HTMl tags
Problems with CSRF protection solved
Problem with ticket drafts solved
Differences in unpaid invoices amount fixed
Minimum age is now ignored for system pages
Displaying multi-line server status messages improved
Problems at Vautron sync solved
Multi-page PDF letters are now created correctly
Link format at Slack changed
Format of doubles at additional product options corrected
Time removed from offer mails
Double SEPA transactions numbers fixed
CSV format for invoice export improved
Correct usage of DNS templates for single domain orders

Test run
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Finished (since 2019-12-30, 11:31)
Successful (since 2019-12-30, 14:19)
Granted (since 2019-01-05, 19:32)
Published (since 2019-01-05, 19:39)
Published (since 2019-01-05, 19:39)
Updated (since 2019-05-01, 19:57)

Reseller system
Support of external invoicing via JTL-WaWi
Automatic direct debit transfer via HBCI/FinTS
Pushover module

New hook: TicketViewAbove
New hook: ProvCreate
System requirements revised
Domain-Bestellsystem: DNS now supports TXT records
No due of direct debits on weekends
Search for product: contract status

Problems with sending letters via Pingen fixed (locked areas)
Ticket confirmations are now sent correctly
Vouchers for domains are now working correctly
DNS driver for Domain-Bestellsystem fixed
Login form (admin) did not show errors without JavaScript
Saving domains in administration with different driver user fixed
Duplicating products did not copy custom fields

Test run
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Update package
Finished (since 2019-12-09, 08:24)
Granted (since 2019-12-12, 14:10)
Published (since 2019-12-12, 14:50)
Published (since 2019-12-12, 14:50)
Updated (since 2019-12-12, 14:50)

Wrong version number corrected
Problems with language system solved
Optical bug at quote page corrected
Input errors at inclusive domains are now detected
ownCloud: Problem with umlauts in lastname solved
Problem with customers paying invoices under some circumstances fixed

Test run
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Update package
Finished (since 2019-12-09, 08:24)
Successful (since 2019-12-09, 15:07)
Granted (since 2019-12-09, 15:10)
Published (since 2019-12-09, 15:29)
Published (since 2019-12-09, 15:22)
Updated (since 2019-12-09, 15:31)

Server groups with automatic assignments
Accounting feature
TekBASE licenses

More detailled problem description at license error
OnApp: ISO support
More tables orderable
Plesk: More detailled error documentation
SEPA direct debit: Automatic activation of auto payments possible
Customer domains can now be deleted

sevDesk: Language problem fixed
Double values for additional options fixed (only visible in administration)
Optical bug at predefined replies for tickets fixed
Encoding of countries at salutation configuration fixed
TeamSpeak 3: Problem with module name fixed
Difference to paid amount is now credited for product downgrades
Optical bug at DNS providers fixed
Mediafinanz: API problems fixed
Cronjob: CLI arguments are now passed correctly
AutoDNS: WHOIS Proxy is now working correctly

Test run
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Update package
Finished (since 2019-11-22, 12:01)
Successful (since 2019-11-22, 19:04)
Granted (since 2019-11-22, 19:43)
Published (since 2019-11-22, 20:54)
Published (since 2019-11-22, 20:54)
Updated (since 2019-11-22, 20:59)

DNS zone templates
Module for project creation
Payment stages for quotes

Services and products merged (links stay valid)
Implementation of the third gender
Page with settings for each administrator
Server information in provisioning email (e.g. name, IP, ...)
Domains in provisioning mail (inclusive & addon)
User object in emails (Smarty)
Contract name (notice) is printed on invoice
Ticket ID is displayed more prominently
Searching for ticket ID now possible
Ticket closing by customer can be prevented
Checkbox for support rating is hidden if deactivated
Default value for checkbox 'next ticket after answer'
Tooltips at various places in client area
Special credit is applied immediately now also for admin invoices
Adjustments at cart (legal security)
SEPA mandates can be created via checkbox if wanted
TLDs in administration can be searched and ordered
Recurring invoices can be limited in time and amount
Better quotes in support tickets
Default customer group
Cart adjusted to legal requirements
Emails for domain renews are bundled
Handling of double support addresses improved
External login via SingleAuth can be disabled
Sorting some tables in administration (will be extended)
TAX for quotes
Letter module for sending via email
Specifying setup fee when creating contract from administration
New access level for CMS pages/menu entries: Only guests
Import of MT940 formats
Synchronisation of changed client data to contract modules

Encoding problems with DB backup fixed
Variable %product% in provisioning email filled
Booking of external invoices possible again
Quantity problem at cancel invoices solved
Problem with recurring domain billing solved
Space over search (administration) fixed
Encoding problems for QR codes fixed
Problem with memory allocation solved (at editing a product)
Correct handling of products without module
Cart asked for payment without invoicing system
Letter formats adjusted to DIN
Big invoices are now displayed correctly
Sending letters for reminders fixed
Maximum length for announcements increased
Double billing of vouchers fixed
Encoding problems when exporting data fixed

Test run
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Update package
Finished (since 2019-09-02, 17:12)
Successful (since 2019-09-03, 01:04)
Granted (since 2019-09-03, 14:35)
Published (since 2019-09-03, 14:52)
Published (since 2019-09-03, 14:52)
Updated (since 2019-09-03, 14:55)

Ticket processing (system chooses next open ticket)
Invoice products on first day of month
Upgrade product options
Staff chat
Product/order pages
Youth protection
Prepaid system
Sub users
Design options for administration
One-click installation and updates for marketplace
LiveConfig V2 integration
orgaMAX integration
OnApp integration
Hetzner vServer integration
SMS provider: Massenversand
SMS provider: MessageBird
SMS provider: Nexmo
SMS provider: SMS77
Letter provider: LetterXpress
Letter provider: PixelLetter
Letter provider: Pingen
Smarty as template system for emails
Net pricing for products (with EU support)
Contact management in client area

Default credit limit
Domain renew by invoice (if wished)
Displaying monthly pricing in client area (if wished)
Contract owner is now shown in administration
Exchange rate vendors revised
Handling of double email addresses in importers improved
Next contract ID can now be set
Extension of marketplace (all module types)
Stripe modules adapted
WordPress bridge direct call of subpages
Vouchers for domains
Answer possibility for testimonials
WEBFAKT import improved
FastBill integration improved
sevDesk integration improved
Email templates can be deactivated for sending
Improved search for incoming payments
Increase of invoice number configurable
AhsayCBS: client type can be set
Server management asks now for SSH host and port
Expiration date for SEPA mandates can now be affected
SCA implementation for Stripe

Sitemap completed
Mistake with choosing DNS provider solved
Encoding problems in revenue forecast solved
Maintenance mode is now working correctly again
Cancelled contracts were included in revenue forecast
Problems with contact form solved
Auto update improved
Using one-column widget layout as soon as required (screen width)
Fixed quote amount in client area
Umlauts in marketplace
Fixed hyphens in products/invoices/quotes
MySQL backup improved (problem with multiple primary keys)
Reminders for external invoices now working
Shared notes can now also be empty
Newsletter checkboxes on /newsletter fixed
Integration Domain-Bestellsystem improved
Line breaks in invoice preview improved
Problem with domain pricing solved
Consideration of product variants in cart
Internal KB articles removed from search
Problems with free SSL by AutoDNS solved
Cart and SMS verification work now correctly
Fixed detection of one-time email addresses
Problems with Onlinebrief24 solved
Inactive products are not shown in affiliate view anymore
Sofort-Überweisung via Stripe revised
Rights for server management fixed
Ticket autoresponder: Variables are replaced also in title
Problems with auto update solved
AuthCode request for INWX fixed
Probleme with fallback salutation fixed
New languages are now detected correctly
Read more link in blog improved
CLI call improved

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Finished (since 2019-07-05, 20:38)
Successful (since 2019-07-07, 09:46)
Granted (since 2019-07-07, 13:46)
Published (since 2019-07-07, 14:37)
Published (since 2019-07-07, 14:37)
Updated (since 2019-07-07, 14:43)

New customer area template (Bootstrap 4)
Knowledge Base
Customer forum
Desktop notifications
Todoist integration
Domain buy and sell pricing
Customizable home page
Integrated visitor analytics
Multi branding (different design and parameters by domain)
Updates in server management
Product provisioning before payment (pay on invoice)
Management of addon domains for contracts
Usage of individual usernames for contracts
Possibilities to export data
Auto responder after ticket answer
DNS provider and nameservers are now related to the TLD
Individual customer salutation in emails and support tickets (different criterias) integration
Importer for ResellerProfessional
Addon marketplace
Sofort (Stripe) integration

Invoice periods optimized
API key can now be found in the profile
Amount of entries per page customizable per administrator
Products can now be hidden from customers without order permission
Mass action for customers: Send new password
phpMyAdmin is replaced by integrated Adminer
Revised language system
Different email sender possible
Cart presentation improved
Net domain pricing is now precise to 4 decimal plates
Nameserver/handles are now fetch from the most providers
Only active contracts are shown in dashboard
AutoDNS can now work with WhoisProxy
Hint for domain price validity
Multi thread cronjob as alternative to different single cronjobs
Last ticket answer is now included in email
Plesk login works now via login ticket (also after PW change)
Variable for IP address can now be chosen (CloudFlare, ...)
Quote numbers can now be formatted as invoice number can be (year, ...)
Inline images in support tickets are now shown
Price variants can now be deleted with button
Domain providers with WHOIS functionality are now marked
Payment gateways can be restricted by client group
Warning in imprint removed (send credentials only via client area)

Domain-Bestellsystem works now correctly
InterNetX DNS works now correctly
Problems with domain screenshot solved
Additional options are not deleted after saving sometimes anymore
Security bugfix (Ordering restricted products was possible sometimes)
No 0 € invoices for free tarif upgrades
Manual micropatches work now
Menu items for logged in customers only are now shown correctly
PowerDNS: TXT records get quotes automatically
Error in list of attachments in support system solved
Problems with admin cookies solved
JTL-Connector: Version problem solved
Category of abuse template fixed
Wkhtmltoimage error is now created only once
Test mail function improved
Sending via email servers without authentication is now possible
Mistake at automatic payments fixed
Umlauts at WEBFAKT import fixed

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Finished (since 2019-05-26, 21:12)
Finished (since 2019-05-28, 14:09)
Finished (since 2019-05-28, 15:17)
Granted (since 2019-05-28, 19:34)
Published (since 2019-05-28, 19:44)
Published (please read blog post)
Updated (since 2019-05-31, 00:58)

Server management
Merge of software and hosting products
Dashboard in client area
Abuse manager to manage and monitor reports
Social Media Manager (currently Facebook and Twitter)
Time-limited special prices for domains
Short-term billing (minutes or hours)
Longer billing periods (2 and 3 years)
Database structure management and migrations
Redirection of ticket messages to email address
Invoices for products can now be generated before due date
Domain suggestions via NameStudio API
Customer stats in support ticket
Shared admin notes
SMS verification for orders
Support for Domain Connect
Alternative routes / URLs
Reselling of sourceDESK licenses
WEBFAKT import
Hexonet integration
TheSSLStore integration
Mailcow integration
AhsayCBS integration
FastBill integration
News feed (RSS)
JTL Connector
Holvi integration
Bunq integration

Checkout does not require topping up credit anymore
Different contract periods and pricing for one product
Domain choosing improved
CMS pages can not get own meta data (SEO)
Units on invoices (pieces, hours, etc.)
Pagination for wishlist
Wishlist has been localized
One wishlist for different products
Bugtracker has been integrated into ticket system
Email configuration improved
Registration without order can now be disabled
Comments for wishes can now be written from administration
Tab handling in administration improved (everything stays in one browser tab)
When logging in, confirmation of withdrawal rules is not requested anymore
Search for support PIN is now possible
Telephone verification revised
PDF logos and upload improved
Hint, if already sent invoice is being edited
Restriction of support priorities for customers
Upgrade of KeyHelp integration for current version
Anonymized statistics for improving system stability are now collected
Standard widgets for administrators
Security audit performed
Migrated ticket attachments to file system
Improved availibility check of domains
SEPA prenotification can be disabled
Sending test mail at mail configuration
Rate limiting for sending emails
Credentials has been integrated into ticket system
Overview of registered hooks, pages and menus by addons
Warning for unknown address in customer profile improved
Admin comments into wishlist directly from administration
Reseller functionality removed
License transfers removed

Unseen wish comments are now displayed at top
AutoFill in Chrome is now disabled again
Backup hint before doing system update
Deactivated invoice system sent emails with empty invoices
Problems with installation solved
Problems with backups solved
Solved PowerDNS problem with rDNS records
Readonly client field can be set once
AutoDNS: (Dyn)DNS problem
Invoice sum fixed
Tax in cart fixed
Newsletter to external recipients works now
Floating-point numbers at additional options / custom fields
Display error at contact search fixed
Umlauts and links in Telegram

Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Finished (since 2019-04-15, 21:10)
Available (since 2019-04-16, 13:42)
Available (since 2019-04-16, 13:42)

AqBanking integration
Customers can export domain pricing
Invoices for products can be generated in advance
WoltLab Suite integration
Google Pay integration
Google Cloud DNS integration

Full localization of modules and database
Pricing for custom fields are shown when configuring
Customers need to confirm privacy policy and withdrawal rules at checkout
Custom fields are now shown on the invoice
Product description can be shown on the invoice
Client group assignments are reversed after cancellation
Minimum length of invoice/quote numbers can now be changed
Domain pricing list can be filtered by first letter
Price and interval can be overwritten when creating a new contract
Custom fields can now apply one-time billing
Domains can be assigned as inclusive domains to products now
Products can now show a domain form when they are buyed
Available variables for email templates are shown
Search now also searches for customer contacts
Customer selection is now also possible by contacts
Limit for server amount in TeamSpeak module
CSRF can be disabled for routes
New hook for administrator login page
IPv6 is now optional for DynDNS
sevDesk URL can be customized
Obsolete banks have been removed
Added HBCI/FinTS product ID
Log of MySQL erorrs

Ticket status can be changed again in overview
Problem when merging clients solved
Problem when editing vouchers solved
Languages were activated again after update
Page-break for multi-page quotes enabled
NextCloud provisioning works now
DynDNS problem with AutoDNS solved
Gateway settings are now displayed correctly after being saved
Design on transaction overview in customer profile corrected
Minimum amount of direct debits is now defineable
Registrar check at domain sync corrected
Fixed auto breaks in PDF quotes
SEPA prenotifications are now sent correctly
Problems with copies of support answers solved
Email status of support answers corrected
SEPA XML files are now created correctly
PDF letters are now created correctly
Database settings corrected
Dependency of OVH corrected
System check corrected
Solved DynDNS issues

Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Finished (since 2019-03-16, 11:24)
Available (since 2019-03-18, 14:03)
Available (since 2019-03-18, 14:03)

sevDesk billing integration
OVH integration
So you start integration
Kimsufi integration
Overview of all SEPA mandates
Overview of all support tickets in system
Quotes can be accepted directly by customer
PHP errors are now automatically transmitted to sourceWAY
Yearly invoices

SpamExperts integration revised
DynDNS for more domain providers
Multi-lingual blog posts
Micropatches can now be applied manually
Logo in emails can be changed from administration
Database provisioning is now more efficient
Automatic customer group when ordering product
Order inclusive domains later
Minimum contract times are now available
Custom product fields support now text fields
Text on homepage can be changed in administration now
Standard IP address for DNS
Rollbar was deleted
Quote positions can be assigned to products
Support messages can be saved in email archive
Support tickets "In Progress" can be shown as waiting
Support tickets can now also be created for customers directly from overview
Pagename is now fully dynamic in email templates
Next due date is now imported correctly from WHMCS
Automatic line breaks in PDF invoices are now handled correctly
Better check of system requirements
Domain log is now optional and deactivated by default
Domain log now uses pagination
Error at license view fixed
Invoice status on English corrected
Global email variable: %clientid%
Security improvements
Missing localisation finished

Problems with table prefix solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
More efficient database backup (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Mistake when searching for support tickets solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
DNS zones are now loaded correctly in client area (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Missing file directories are corrected (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Problem with creating contracts from administration under some circumstances solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Duplicate support answers are now filtered (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Database structure for monitoring announcements corrected (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Creating vouchers works again (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Backup problem at sending mail via SMTP solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
License editing corrected (Patchlevel: 20190219)
SEPA mandate PDF corrected (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Plesk: Timeout problem solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Sipgate: Module problem solved (Patchlevel: 20190219)
RSS feed: UTF8 encoding (Patchlevel: 20190219)
Error display at adding a project revised
Fixed automatic new lines (products, texts)
Variables in admin mail for reminders corrected
Search with expired session leads to login
Errors related to SEPA-XML fixed
Ticket salutation corrected (Male/female, time)
Admin rights at installation corrected
Status fail for INWX solved
Error with micropatches solved

Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Available (since 2019-02-13, 01:53)
Available (since 2019-02-13, 01:53)

Automatic payments
Automatic resource billing
Automatic up-/downgrades
Automatic actions for tickets
Completion of the admin API
New reports
Draft invoices
Proxmox integration for KVM (VM)
sipgate integration
Discord notifications
LiveConfig license integration integration
Kayako integration
Penta bank integration
Almost full localization of administration
Status messages on status page
Time contingents for projects
Domain pricing can be imported as CSV file
Saving of module data now possible for users (relevant for developers)

Invoice system can be fully disabled
More than one bank account possible in PDF
File size of sourceDESK drastically reduced
DNS provider can now be chosen per domain
More custom fields for products
Confirmation of domain actions can now be deactivated
More possibilities for invoice numbers
Invoice export as XML, CSV and ZIP with single invoices
Hooks for cancellations (relevant for developers)
Language code in URL is deactivated if only one language is active
Server data is now saved encrypted
Entering content in multiple languages enhanced
Link to website added in administration
Redirection from start page to customer area if wished
FontAwesome updated (new icons)
PHP 7 is now required, inofficial support of PHP 5 is discontinued

Double email address (in CC) in support tickets fixed
Pricing for contracts in customer profile adjusted
Domain names are now always lowercase
Ticket order in search adjusted
DynDNS functions are now deactivated for non-supported modules
Error at fetching Stripe balance fixed
Changing administration logo works now
Error at editing products solved (affects only installations with DB prefix)
Deleted addons disappears now instantly
Broken menu in support ticket view fixed
TLDs can now be edited correctly
KeyHelp integration: Working again after KeyHelp update
TeamSpeak3 module is working again
Monitoring: error handling at adding services improved
CPS-Datensysteme: DNS integration improved

Interactive documentation for the customer API
Interactive documentation for the admin API

Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Available (since 2018-12-29, 00:42)
Available (since 2018-12-29, 00:42)

Cancellation invoices
Language management in administration
File uploads for products, domains, invoices, quotes, notes and calls
PDF attachments for letters
Manual creation/import of domains
Integration for XenoPanel
Integration for DirectAdmin
Integration for Interworx
Integration for Virtualmin
Integration for Pterodactyl
Integration for PSW Group SSL
Integration for ISPmanager
Integration for VMmanager
Integration for Enom
Integration for ResellerClub
DNS connection for AutoDNS
DNS connection for CPS-Datensysteme
DNS connection for
DNS connection for InterNetWorX (INWX)
DNS connection for Namecheap
DNS connection for Vautron
DNS connection for Atomia DNS
DNS connection for NamedManager

Intelligent search for customer selection
Filters and pagination for all tables
More data fields for suppliers
Address can be entered when customer is created
More prominent creation buttons in customer profile
Confirmation of important customer actions (e.g. sending new password)
Time tracking for projects (without specific task)
Options for project billing (clocking, rounding)
"Duration in days" for quotes is now optional
Project ID is displayed more prominent, definable prefix
Projects can have a description
Automated micropatches for small bugs (can be deactivated)
Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Available (since 2018-12-07, 01:42)
Available (since 2018-12-07, 01:42)

Integrated server monitoring and status page
Dark mode for administration
Generation of delivery notes
WordPress bridge
Integration for Hetzner Cloud (White Label)
Integration for Euro-Treuhand Inkasso
Integration for ISPConfig
Integration for BitPay
Integration for Skrill
Integration for Namecheap
Integration for Centova Cast
Integration for WHMSonic
Integration for GameCP
Realtime notifications via Slack

Bug reports are now possible directly from administration
Customer ratings in client area beautified
Logos can be changed in the admin area
PDF templates can be customized in the admin area
Product pricing is now possible per customer group
Deviant pricing in project templates possible
Recurring invoices can be viewed in client area
Time picker when manually adding project times
Definable prefix for customer numbers
Hint if using a development license
Displaying new features after system update
Definable expiry dates for files, warning before due
Module data can now be added manuelly
Individual registrar module config per customer (e.g. subreseller account)

WHMCS import problem solved (only one customer was imported, pricing mistakes)
Admin login problems solved (endless rotating gears under some circumstances)
Plesk problems solved (at suspension, unsuspension, package changing and termination)
Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Available (since 2018-11-21, 20:51)
Available (since 2018-11-21, 20:51)

IP management for server
Registrar module for Antagus
Server module for Proxmox
Server module for OVZ Web Panel
Avatar and profile pages for administrators
Beautify prices for currency conversion (Rounding etc.)
Cancellations can be disabled for contracts
Email templates to different email addresses (e.g. invoice to accounting department)

Ticket settings are now saved in realtime via Ajax
Salutation for support tickets (male/female) will be fetched from customer profile
OpenVZ & KVM module uses the new IP management
Warning if cronjob is not running
Direct access to pages disallowed
Administration design unified (Creation buttons, lists)
Preparation for startup licenses of sourceDESK
More efficient storage of guest cart items
Sticky notes in client area can now be minimized

Token error at domain deletion solved
Problem with uppercase domain names solved
Empty error message at Plesk provisioning removed
Invoice amount in client area is now converted correctly
Currencies are now editable correctly
Login to customer account without password set is now possible
Test run
Production ready
Download package
Update status
Available (since 2018-11-06, 23:44)
Available (since 2018-11-07, 11:29)

Registrar module for
Server module for SolusVM
Server module for OVZ Web Panel
Automatic deletion of hosting products after a defineable time (useful for demos)
Individual pricing for project tasks (different hourly rates possible)
If wished, last menu in administration is open automatically (admin profile)

Administrator login now with Ajax (especially 2FA code only if needed)
Page titles in administration
Invoice positions can now be deleted individually
Better credit notice and breakdown in client area
More prominent presentation of customer numbers in administration
Suppliers and contracts can be deleted now
Telegram configuration (realtime notifications) improved
Ticket status at overview in client area
Customer name in customer list is now clickable
Letter sending/management now directly from client profile
Virtualizor module: individual resources and usage of slave servers
Attachments in support tickets improved (counter, deletion of attachments)

WHMCS import considers now the character encoding correctly
SQL dump adjusted for old MySQL versions; import is now even faster
WHMCS import notes invoice status and number correctly now
WHMCS import notes customer country correctly now
Mistake at address verification fixed ("Address unknown")
Suppliers and contracts are now opened in the same tab
Telegram message sending adjusted to current API version
Empty email templates were delivered with the system
Blank pages / errors (Administrator log, My tickets, Top 10)
URL to Bundesbank (Gläubiger-Identifikationsnummer) fixed
Customer groups can be saved again

Documentation for supplier management

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