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Today, we cannot image a world without computers and the cloud. That makes it more and more important to make sure that sensible data is stored securely and the services are high-available. Hackers are interesting in passwords, credit card data and server credentials.

If you website gets hacked, this can lead to very unpleasent consequences for you. You need to inform your clients about your data accident and you will lose trust. The abuse of stolen credit card data will lead to an irreversible damage of your reputation. Some hackers might also try to blacklist you and ask for high sums. Since the GDPR came into effect in 2018, also small businesses have to pay high fines if they use old software with security vulnerabilities.

Hackers often try to get in your system via your website or scripts, that were not developed with the necessary care. The OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) developed a list of the mostly exploited security vulnerabilities by hackers. Trivial vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections which can be exploited by everyone with free available open source tools, are at the top of this list. At the same time, such a vulnerability will be deadly for you as website operator: This means that usually the hacker can get access to the whole database, in some cases it is possible to overtake the whole server.

We offer you an extensive check for your web application, considering various security vulnerabilities. Of course, web applications developed by sourceWAY are developed with the necessary care to prevent such vulnerabilities. Furthermore, they are tested during and after development precisely.

Check without source code Check with source code
We try to find security vulnerabilities on your website (or in a testing environment) with your prior, written permission. If we find a security vulnerabilities, we will demonstrate you the extent. We get the source code of your website or scripts from you and will check them for security vulnerabilities. If you want us to, we can fix security vulnerabilities we have found right away.
Check in a real environment
Source code stays with you
High time expense for full check
Maybe some vulnerabilities are overlooked
Fast, low-priced method
Vulnerabilities will be found
We need your source code

Checking a web application is not that expensive. The costs are for sure well invested for the security of your application, especially if we find vulnerabilities. We can offer you different payment models, in some cases even only a payment per security vulnerability we have found. If you want us to do so, we can also check your infrastructure/servers for security problems.

You have questions about our products or need an individual offer? Just contact our excellent support. We are here to help you 24/7.