Single place licenses

Here you find the license terms for Single place licenses.

1. The software may be used exactly one (1) time. The scope of use is limited to use the software in its sense.

2. The licensee is entitled to sell his licenses, if he do so, his further right of use is forfeited. The license transfer have to be done via the licensee's account in the webinterface of and is based on the currently valid terms of service. The software may only be resold in its original state, the distribution of modified versions require the consent of the licensor. A transfer of free licenses is not permitted.

3. The copyright notice should NOT be altered or removed. This applies to both visible as well as to invisible (in the sourcecode) notices.

4. The licensee may customize the software according to his ideas. A transfer of any adopted code have to be in consent with the licensor.

You can find our license terms for reseller licenses here.

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