Frequently asked questions

A return of products is not possible, because our software is not encoded and do not have a license system. You can find more information in our withdrawal rules.
Updates for the products of are usually free. Only if there are big changes, there is probably a low update fee. If an update costs money, you can find this information in the changelog of the product.
Our software is not encoded at all. You can open and edit the source code. Please note that there are license terms which you have to follow.
Our products come with free support for 6 months. In cases in which you made an obvious mistake, we have to invoice our support time. But this will be clarified in individual cases. With free products there usually comes no free support.
Of course! If you are satisfied with us (or want to offer constructive criticism), you can rate us. Furthermore, we have an affiliate program which allows you to recruit client and earn a provision which we will pay to you for every purchase one of your recruited clients make.
You can download your product usually immediately after the payment. If you are a new customer, we have to check your account before your first download. This usually takes a maximum of 24 hours.
We are reachable by phone from Monday to Friday in our office hours (8 AM to 6 PM german time). In the most cases we prefer an email. Emails are answered usually also outside of the office hours, at the weekend and on holidays. Our reaction times are very low - usually only a few minutes.

Of course we use sourceDESK to manage our company and providing this website.

Due to a realignment to our core business software, sourceWAY suspended the business units Webhosting & Domains, Email and SMS. Affected customers were informed by us via email about the consequences.