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sourceWAY is your strong and competent partner for web applications of all kinds. Primarily, we use PHP as programming language and work with template engines like Smarty or whole frameworks like Laravel. Of course, we use current web standards in our products, like Bootstrap, jQuery or Ajax.

At the beginning of the software development process at sourceDESK it is important to determine what you need. We will work out how the application should be used, which data needs to be saved and interacted with and which interfaces are needed. Of course, we will develop the application later on with respect to future extensions. This makes it easy to add new functionality later.

The in-front conception in detail offers you crucial advantages: You know exactly what you will get after we have finished the development. We can estimate the time needed for the milestones quite accurate and give you a good estimation about the time of completion. It also allows us to arrange a fixed price for you, which means cost security for you.

But our conception does not stop at our software: We can advise you on the infrastructure needed for using the software that should be developed. The integration in and with other systems is also considered by us. Our concept are integral, we offer a one-stop service.

You have questions about our products or need an individual offer? Just contact our excellent support. We are here to help you 24/7.